About us

Consensus Partner (Liechtenstein) is an establishment that was entered in the Commercial Register of the Principality of Liechtenstein in the year 2000 and provides asset management services in Liechtenstein and abroad.

The responsible partners support a variety of clients and sums amounting to several hundred million Swiss francs.

Strategic cooperation, inter alia with the asset management company Consensus Partner AG, St. Gallen, as well as with the trust company Treuhand- und Verwaltungs-Anstalt, Vaduz, broadens our expertise.

We are licensed in accordance with the Liechtenstein Asset Management Act (Vermögensverwaltungsgesetz – "VVG") and are regulated and supervised by Liechtenstein's Financial Market Authority (Finanzmarktaufsicht – "FMA"), Vaduz. In addition, Consensus Partner (Liechtenstein) Establishment, Vaduz, is a member of the Association of Independent Asset Managers in Liechtenstein (Verein unabhängiger Vermögensverwalter in Liechtenstein – "VuVL") and of the Deposit Guarantee and Investor Compensation Foundation PCC (Einlagensicherungs- und Anlageentschädigungs-Stiftung SV – "EAS"), Vaduz.